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Welcome to the Archive...
All the news items that I post to the news pages get shifted in here periodically.
I suspect no-one even looks in here but in case you want to see how the site has progressed since it's conception late in 2000, then you've come to the right place.

Scroll on Down to find out how the site has come to the state it is in today!

20 May 2002

Dead links alive!

All those nasty dead links that I hadn't time to complete are now alive. Well sort of! I've put holding pages up for most things until I can finish the content.
Rest assured, I am working hard to complete the content but it's never easy when you work 9 -> 5.30 every day! You've got to pay the bills somehow.

8 April 2002

Redesigned website launched!

I've been promising a redesign for long enough and now it's finally here. Let me know what you think from the contacts page!  

7 April 2002

New Images

Yes in my absence, I have managed to create some new images ...
And here they are.
The first of the new images I've been working on is 'Misty Morning.'
Misty Morning.

The next new image, I created to use as the background on my new Ericsson T68. It has no real name other than 'Trefoil' (that's what it is). I don't think it's really meant to be anything... it just looks pretty!

The third of the images takes us a little further away from home. This is the remnants of a supernova, as seen through the hubble telescope!
'Supernova Remnant'. Ok, Only kidding, it's all from my imagination, rendered in bryce! (But it could be real) :)
Supernova Remnant.

6 April 2002

New Section Added

Along with the new design for the website, I've been expanding all the info in here. One of the things I've decided to do is add a Work In Progress (WIP) Section to both the Images and Animation Categories. I hope to use that to show some of the stages the images and animations go through before you see the final work on the website.

It should give any budding artists out there a chance to see how I work and maybe pick up some inspiration and tips for some work of their own.

If not, have a look in the Tutorials sections. I know there's not much in there at the moment, but I'm working on it and before long there should be a few tutorials helping you out all the way from the basics of my favourite packages to some of the more advanced features I use to create the images seen on


14 October 2001

First complete 3d Studio Max Image!

A long time ago, I toyed with 3DS Max. Then my PC died and I didn't play again. But now I have!
'Golf Anyone?' is my first new creation in this superb package.

Golf Anyone?

7 October 2001

New Landscape

Read the News above to catch up on what's been happening to me ... Anyway, the first of the images I've been working on is 'Stormy Waters.'

Stormy Waters.

6 June 2001

New Artwork & More on the way !

As promised, this is the latest image. It's a new character I've been working on called BLIP! Anyway, the new image is 'BLIP! Invasion.'

BLIP! Invasion.

14 May 2001

New Artwork & More on the way !

Well after such a long break with nothing new to add to the website, here's a little something to prove that I really haven't stopped altogether. And just in case you're wondering, I do have another couple of images in the pipeline so there should be some more updates pretty soon :)

This could be considered a joke. It's called 'Island for Sale.'

Island For Sale.

10 May 2001

New Animation added

For anyone who has seen the Waterfall image, and read my description, you will realise that I said it's part of an animation I did. Well it's still not perfect but I've added the animation to the Video section.
I hope you like it.

Waterfall Animation

1 May 2001

New Images at Last!

Well for any regulars, this will be a bit of a surprise. I've actually updated the site for the first time in a long time! The last couple of months have been pretty hectic for me. I've been looking around for a new job and have been pretty busy at work. All of which means, that I haven't really been doing any new work or at least I haven't been able to give the rendering the time it deserves. What I have been doing though is using the time that my computer's been sitting idle to render some more of my old images at much higher resolutions.

I've added a new version of the 'Grand Balcony' image, as well as much higher resolution versions of 'My Paperweight', 'Waterfall' and the 'Snowglobe' images. Hopefully this will satisfy some of you who have screen resolutions as high as mine ! :)

18 Feb 2001

New Landscape added

I've been playing around with deapth shaded water. 'Tropical Lagoon' is the result.

Tropical Lagoon

18 Feb 2001

General Updates

I've been doing some work on the counters on the pages and am currently in the process of creating a Top 10 image downloads list which I'll put on this page. It'll let you see at a glance other visitors favourite images and provide you with a link directly to the images. Once it's completed I'll put in online properly. In the meantime, have a look at my tests and let me know what you think.

16 Feb 2001

New image added to Wierd Gallery

Yet another image for the wierd category ... Silly String Explosion is my latest addition to the realm of the strange and unexplained.

Silly String Explosion

15 Feb 2001

New images added to Models and Wierd Gallerys

I've added the Ancient Portal and Liquid Virus images into the gallery. Ancient Portal .....Liquid Virus

11 Feb 2001

New images added to Glass Gallery

I've added the Snowglobe into the gallery. As always, feel free to send me your thoughs and comments about this or any of the images in the Gallery to


11 Feb 2001

FAQ Online

So I've added the FAQ properly now. AS always if you have any questions, read the FAQ first then if I haven't answered your question there, send it to me at and I'll do my best to answer it. If I think other people would want to know the answer as well then I'll add it to the FAQ.

10 Feb 2001

Descriptions Updated

All The Image descriptions have been updated with their file sizes, a daily and total download counts.

4 Feb 2001

New images added to Models and Landscapes

I've added the images Modern Geisha and Sunrise (the thumbnails to the right) into the gallery. Let me know what you think!

Modern Geisha .....Sunrise

3 Feb 2001

Image Descriptions Added.

All the images have been updated with a little bit about each of them. For some of them, I've given insites into how the images are created others, it's just personal thoughts. No matter what, it should give you a little bit more of an idea of what I'm doing when I render the images you see here.

28 Jan 2001

Landscapes updated ...

2 new images added in the Landscapes section!

25 Jan 2001

Video & Landscapes added ...

I have added the Video section where you can find any animations that I deem good enough by following the link to your left. Also, I've added a couple of the Landscaped that I've created. No Prizes for realising they're in the Landscaes section!

24 Jan 2001

Site Moved ...

Well I've got the new domain set up at If you're not already there, then click the link. I'll only be updating that site from now on.
As a result, I have a new email address dedicated to the gallery :
So any questions, or suggestions send them to that address.