Live Table View

Here's a live view of my table. Note that I often test new patterns on this table.

Time Lapse Table View

I setup a camera to capture around two days of patterns from the table. Enjoy the results below.
Make sure to check the quality settings, as this is 4K video.

Sisyphus Table Patterns

This isn't a particularly pretty page right now, but it's a way to share the sisyphus table patterns I've been working on.
Feel free to download these and use them on your table.
The photos of the completed tracks are taken from my own table, which is a 3' table. The patterns may look slightly different on your table, depending on the size of your table!

Note: It can take a little time to upload a new track to your table, and your table may pause while uploading. Just be patient!
To upload these to your own table, right click on the file and "save as".
Connect to your table using a web browser.
To connect enter: <tablename>.local:3001 into the address bar. For me that's http://sisyphus2.local:3001/
Once you're connected to your table, Click settings in the bottom right corner, select "Advanced" from the options, then select "Upload Track".
Select the .thr file you downloaded, then click the blue "Upload Track(s)" button.
It's recommended to only upload one at a time to avoid issues.

A huge thanks goes our to SlightlyLoony who created Jsisyphus, that I'm using as the basis of generating all these tracks.
I've done some modifications to the base program that I hope to be able to fold back into the main banch at some point.
There's been apretty steep learning curve for me to creating these tracks, as I'm certainly not familiar with Polar co-ordinates. Lots of fun learning though!
If you want to play with JSisypus yourself, then go download it here:

Sisyphus Pattern Types

When Sisyphus draws a pattern, there are some details that are useful to know.
Each pattern has a start and end point, which can be either in the centre of the table, or on the outside edge of the table.
We can think of the centre as being '0' and the outside being '1'. With those defined, there are four possible pattern types that the table can draw:
00 - Centre start, Centre end.
01 - Centre start, Outside end.
10 - Outside start, Centre end
11 - Outside start, Outside end.
When creating a playlist, understanding these track types is useful.
If a playlist is defined with the "shuffle" mode set, then the table software will attempt to re-arrange the tracks
so that the end point of the track playing matches the start point of the next track.
This is useful as it allows patterns to continue seamlessly.
If you don't use the shuffle mode, and define a playlist to run in "strict order", the table software will look at the end point of the track playing, and when compelte, checks the start point of the next track.
If they don't match, for example, you have a 00 track followed by a 11 track, the table will skip the next track, and move to the one after that.
It will keep doing this until it finds a track it can play based on the current "end point" of the ball.
So, if you see a track that "won't play" try to add a different track before it or if you know the track type, match up tracks so you know they can be played back to back.
A special note on 01 and 10 tracks. These tracks are "reversible" meaning that if you have a 10 track, and the ball happens to be at 0, the track will be played in reverse. This can create come pretty cool effects, and some tracks look very different when played backwards.

Note: Newer patterns will be added to the top of the list.
Name & NotesTypeImage
(click for full size)
(click for full size)
(right click to download)
All Tracks
n/a This is a quick download for all the tracks below.
01 shell.thr
Spiral 8
01 Spiral8.thr
Spiral 7
01 Spiral7.thr
Spiral 6
01 Spiral6.thr
Square Erase 2
01 SquareErase2.thr
Square Erase
01 SquareErase.thr
Spiral 5
01 Spiral5.thr
Spiral 4
01 Spiral4.thr
Spiral 3
01 Spiral3.thr
Spiral 2
01 Spiral2.thr
Spiral 1
01 Spiral1.thr
Lined Circles 4
01 LinedCircles4.thr
Lined Circles 3
For what its worth, I think this is messy, and will probably remove it
01 LinedCircles3.thr
Seirpinski Triangle 2
By Drawing Triangles, then Squares around the perimiter of the table, we can create circles around the centre of the table.
Reminiscent of the Pin and String art that was popular for a while.
00 SierpinskiTriangle2.thr
Lined Circles
By Drawing Triangles, then Squares around the perimiter of the table, we can create circles around the centre of the table.
Reminiscent of the Pin and String art that was popular for a while.
01 LinedCircles.thr
Hexagon Alley 00 HexagonAlley.thr
Triangle Swoop 01 TriangleSwoop.thr
Seirpinski Pentagon
Note this takes a very long time to draw!
I'm working on a new version that is faster.
Based on the Seirpinski Fractals
00 SierpinskiPentagon2.thr
Seirpinski Triangle 00 SierpinskiTriangle.thr
Hexagon Alley Tight 00 HexagonAlleyTight.thr
Fractal 1 00 Fractal1.thr
Fractal 2 00 Fractal2.thr
Swirly 00 Swirly1.thr